Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Beginning - Molecular Manufacturing

Just returned from a meeting of the National Academy of Science and the National Materials Advisory Board. The meeting was before a Committee to Review the National Nanotechnology Initiative - Workshop on Molecular Self-Assembly (February 9-11, 2005). The purpose of the meeting seemed to be to define "molecular manufacturing" and to decide its feasibility. Overall, the discussions seemed to favor the incremental approach toward a mature form of molecular nanotechnology.

The consensus from the meeting was that there we remain far away (though how far is debatable) from molecular manufacturing in the form envisioned by K. Eric Drexler. There was some discussion about whether the NSF and other entitied of government are willing to fund the Drexlerean model of nanotechnology research though it was not resolved.

Next post will highlight some of the discussions and presentations.

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