Saturday, June 4, 2005

NANOTOXICOLOGY: An Emerging Discipline

Oberdorster, G., Oberdorster, E., and Oberdorster, J., NANOTOXICOLOGY: An Emerging Discipline Evolving from Studies of Ultrafine Particles, ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PERSPECTIVES, 22 March 2005, Retrieved from on 4 June 2005.

RECOMMENDED (as a resource)

This is a resource. There is a review of toxicology research related to ultrafines and nanoparticles with the text running about 35 pages. While it helps to have a background in biology, it is not necessary. The best part of the work is the bibliography which runs 20 pp. and 7 Tables.

The work opens: "...[E]xposure has increased dramatically over the last century due to anthropogenic sources. The rapidly developing field of nanotechnology is likely to become yet another source." They add that the research that has occurred and is ongoing "can be viewed as the basis for the expanding field of nanotoxicology" though it would seem upn reading the work and examining the bibliography that if there is a national center on nanotoxicology, it is probably located on the campus of Rice University in Houston, TX.

And the piece makes two excellent cases. First, there needs to be more research on nanotoxicology before we begin to configure regulations. Second, there needs to be a major efforts towards characterization and standardization of nomenclature.


annaleigh curtis said...

FYI, you spelled the title of the article incorrectly in your citation.

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