Sunday, August 28, 2005

HYPE HYPE HYPE - gone to printers

Sorry for the break in posting but I was finishing the edit on my galleys. They are in. NANOHYPE is scheduled to be released in October. Lots of people gave me a lot of useful comment and promotional blurbs. Thanks.

I will have a handful of articles coming out soon. A response to Sen. Allen will be in ISSUES (Issues in Science and Technology)and I have a book review in PUS (Public Understanding of Science. I have articles under consideration at NLBJ (Nanotechnology Law and Business Journal, ISSUES, and another in development for PUS (in addition to above).

I also have some book projects now HYPE (the book)is over.

I will be at EuroNanoMed in Edinburgh and will be at the Guardian presentation of preliminary findings of the UK NanoJury in September.

Finally, I turned over all the material in previous post regarding ETC's recent communiqué to a legal team in NYC who is studying their publication to determine whether they have committed defamation and libel and determining their culpability and liability.


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