Friday, January 27, 2006

PFST - Atkinson meeting - no conspiracy here

Calm down. No conspiracy afoot. The meeting involving six scientists arranged by George Atkinson from DOS was part of an ongoing program called Perspectives on the Future of Science and Technology (PFST) - Transatlantic conference series convening senior level policymakers with distinguished scientists to discuss the societal impact of S&T advances at a 10-year horizon. This project is not to develop official policy.

This series of transatlantic events aim to develop a dialogue among distinguished US and EU scientists, foundation leaders, policy makers and the media on the long-term impact of emerging science and technology on society. The events will continue through 2004 and 2005 to explore topics in the general areas of sustainable development, health, competitiveness and global security. These dialogues proactively investigate immediate actions that anticipate future developments, while keeping an eye on the long-term impact on society of emerging science and technology.

The opening conference was "The Genomic Revolution: Reshaping Vaccine Development and Delivery", took place February 27th - 29th 2004 at Ditchley House, England, and examined the implications of the rapid changes in the science of genomics and vaccines. FundaciĆ³n BBVA of Spain and the Nuffield Trust of the United Kingdom jointly hosted the inaugural conference.

The most recent mini-conference discussed the field of nanomedicine and a follow-up to this meeting is scheduled by May in Italy.

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