Friday, April 21, 2006

Berube's Lists of Podcasts

The spin on this.

I get a lot of requests for a lot of things in nano. I have been experimenting with podcasting and video-blogging recently and am going to package a nice set of nano related podcasts either at the USC site or maybe even the ICON site. Who knows?

A recent survey from The Scientist prodded me to make this list for public consumption. I hope you enjoy them.


Absolute Science -
Current Science and Technology (Museum of Science, Boston) -
Dr. Karl’s Great Moments in Science (ABC Radio National) -
Genetic Science Learning Center (U Utah)-
Imagine that (NSF) –
Inoculated Mind -
Microbe World Radio -
Naked Scientists -
Nature -
New England Journal of Medicine –
New Scientist -
Point of Inquiry (Center for Inquiry)-
Quirks and Quarks (BBC) -
NPR Health and Science -
NPR Science Friday -
Science -
Science and Society -
Science and the City (NY Acad of Sciences) -
Science Update (AAAS) -
Seed Magazine -
Spotlight on Science (The Smithsonian) -
This Week from The Scientist -
This Week in Science (Kickass Science Podcast) -

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