Friday, September 8, 2006

On Defense Nanotechnology - RECOMMENDED

Defense Nanotechnology, Department of Defense, Research and Development Programs, May 8, 2006.

This is recommended because it is one of the most complete views of current defense programs.

The primary focus of the defense efforts involves enhancing war fighter and battle systems capabilities. Program goals include advanced solid state power generation, cooling, and thermal management, esp. batteries with enhanced discharge rate and energy density and fuel cell catalysts.

Especially interesting is their interest in the use of viruses and related structures as templates for nanowires and for arrays of inorganic materials of particular interest. In terms of nanomaterials, there is interest in solar energy conversion and optical communications. In terms of devices, the most fascinating interest is to read and transmit commands from the central or peripheral nervous system to a prosthetic device. Another area of interest is in nanomanufacturing where one of their accomplishments is a nanocomposite meal bag for the Meals Ready-To-Eat ration has been developed using low density polyethylene/montmorillonite layered silicate, and compounding and film extrusion trials were transitioned to the pilot scale.

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