Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Quick Update - More Coming

Accepted a board position for Association of Rhetoric in Science and Technology for next year. And I spent threee days in Memphis at the Rhetorical Society Association biannual conference where I spoke on nano and rhetoric. I am preparing a series of articles on how important it is for scholars in rhetoric to perform primayr source research rather than historical diatribes and to interact within rhetorical events rather than stand off as bystanders. There are some methodological challenges but I think we can withstand those.

I am at the NNCO meeting on public engagement for two days. I am unsure what it means to be a citizen in the 21st Century and I will be pugnacious as usual here. Cate's a friend (disclaimer) and I expect her to have done a great job in bringing together some talent for this workshop.

Finally, on Thur. I will be doing a short talk with some EHS folks from the Office of Army Research. They contacted me because of NANOHYPE.

I sent an article called Nano Magic (a review of whatwe should have learned from the Magic Nano controversy to Public Understanding of Science and waiting to hear on its disposition. I was pleased my first sense of the event proved correct and I know my friends in Europe who kept me informed understood I could only use the blog to get the news out.

I am finishing a short article for the Journal of Cleaner Production on the Green Nano Initiative which I see as a marketing ploy more than anything else (Green Hype) though I appreciate the resurgence of the Green Chemistry folks.

My sabbatical has started and I am in full writing mode until January. Expect another book.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Magic Nano Cleared

Sorry for the lag but I've been teaching a May course and preparing for my sabbatical.

BfR Press Release today verfied what was blogged earlier. My sources told me there was no nano in Magic Nano and they turned out to be correct.

I am writing an article on Lessons Learned about this event and will post where it is going to be published.

More later. I am off to a conference and the NNCO meeting in DC and a presentation to the Office of Army Research folks.