Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Nanoproducts

I'll be writing a lot more but I had to share some of the new products of nano. The web pages are great and one of the reasons I subscribe to AZoNano (http://server1.streamsend.com/streamsend/signup.php?cd=37721&ld=31).

There is Solar RX sunblock (http://www.keys-soap.com/solarrx.html), Greenyarn has a cloth beauty mask (has a Jim Carrey feel to it),(http://www.greenyarn.com/beauty.htm), and a mosquito repellent spray from J Internatl City in Korea (http://feeljune.en.ec21.com/GC01140798/CA01088554/Mosquito_Repellent_Spray.html).

Daewoo has a nano-enhanced refrigerator (http://www.daewoo-electronics.de/eu/products/cool_ref_glos.asp) (competition to that Samsung line).

Check out the Yamaha Waverunner (http://www.yamaha-motor.com/waverunner/nanoxcel.aspx) and Teak Guard Marine Products as well (http://www.teak-guard.com/products.htm).

Monday, December 10, 2007

In Raleigh and Utah

My blog will rise again now that I have a home address in Raleigh and have located to North Carolina State University. I am coordinating a project tentatively called Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCOST). We have 17 members from 5 universities and we are dedicated to completing social science research on science communication.

For what it is worth, I have been writing quite a bit, received a large grant which I had to transfer to NCSU, and attended a few meetings like the Grantees Award meeting in December. After the NCA in Chicago, moving, heading to DC for 4 days of a Grantees meeting, I am skiing in Park City. So far, I have been to the Canyons and today it is off to Solitude.

Expect to hear more from me on the nanofront very soon.