Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nanotechnology Risk Symposium

I will be speaking tonight at a Nanotechnology Risk Symposium hosted by the Research Triangle Chapter of the Society for Risk Analysis. The event will be streamed live at this address. Use the following login information:

Username: sra
Password: sra011910

Speakers will start at 6:30pm est. Additional information can be found at www.rtc-sra.org.


Daniel Pieczonka said...

can anyone publish the outcome from that symposium - I think that would be nice to get some information what was really happening in there? By the way it seems that this blog is dead now - for the newest information from the nanotechnology world, you can refer to that nanotechnology news website

nittany jones said...

pls post some new news on nanotechnology

victor smith said...

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