Wednesday, March 31, 2010


An embarrassing moment for Nano Tata. The article appeared in multiple outlets though I found it on

We are examining how this event is being amplified in the net-media especially social media.

The incident happened by a man from Mumbai who escaped the explosion. The explosion was linked to a faulty electric switch. The V that appears over the plate is composed a flowers, a celebratory wreath that went up in flames as well.

To date, there is little evidence this event is being amplified in the discourse over nanotechnology in print or in netnews.


nano said...

Tata nano is a good car. Tata should done more modifications to sort out its current problems faced by the its consumer.

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price per head said...

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Ross Taylor said...

Tata nano is a excellent car for native Indian town streets and excellent diesel mileage. I think, after launching the Tata nano car, I seeing some issues of this car. So Tata company needs to fix first nano vehicle's problems. I see this image, this car incident was connected to a defective electric switch. First Tata company need to fix electric switch and then some other problems. If it will totaly customized and modify it's look then I wish, more individuals like to the Nano car, because it's price is few relevant to other vehicles. Nanotechnology

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