Thursday, January 21, 2010


Recently, the French government decided on a series of engagement exercises (4 months in 7 cities). For more information go to their Special Commission for the Public Debate on Nanotechnology (it is in French). We are trying to translate as much as it as we can.

The first event was held in Lyons. AAAS Science Insider posted a review of the event. My graduate students were transfixed by the protests at the Lyon event. There is a video of the event on Dailymotion.

For years I have been speaking about the 7-10 percent solution. It is not only a parochial novel about Sherlock Holmes and his cocaine addiction, it designates the percentage of the population that seriously consider science and technology policy when they engage in civic behavior, including voting. We are working on this data set and expect to entertain more scholarship on this soon. Our working hypothesis is the public engagement is fine for many reasons, however to influence public sentiment we need to engage selectively.

More to come. Sorry for my absence but I have been working on two NIH grant submissions and digging out from under a lot of data we produced from our NIRT on intuitive toxicology.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nanotechnology Risk Symposium

I will be speaking tonight at a Nanotechnology Risk Symposium hosted by the Research Triangle Chapter of the Society for Risk Analysis. The event will be streamed live at this address. Use the following login information:

Username: sra
Password: sra011910

Speakers will start at 6:30pm est. Additional information can be found at